About Us

Servicing the Gold Coast for over 30 Years!

Discontinued Decals is a new venture started by Gold Coast Signsations in 2020. We have been in operation for well over 30 years and during that time we have built quite a catalogue of decals and signs that we have supplied to the Australian public. We have out lasted numerous boating brands and manufacturers during our time in operation and we still have many genuine designs and decals still saved after providing them for so many years.

Gold Coast Signsations have been the supplier of genuine decals for brands like Mustang, Sunrunner, Voyager, Bullet, Tournament just to name a few. While these manufacturers were in operation, Gold Coast Signsations were supplying them with their genuine decals and signage and now we are supplying them to you!

We have hundreds of decals available for every boat imaginable from the last 30 years! Our decals are made from the best possible 3M and Avery branded materials. Having the best quality product available is our passion and we want to give you the peace of mind that you will get a high-grade decal that will last for years to come.



Recreating old and faded decals

At Discontinued Decals we pride ourselves on being able to reproduce and recreate your old and faded stickers and decals. In order to get the best possible recreation we need exact straight on photos taken with a good quality camera. Note the correct straight on photo as an example of what we require. Please feel free to take multiple photos, it can only help us. We will also need exact measurements for every aspect of the decal i.e. height and length of the letters, thickness of outlines and even exact colours. For more information on what we’ll need please contact us. The more information you can provide us the closer it will be to the original.

We recommend not removing your old decals because this can warp or stretch them especially if they are extremely damaged. Just take your photos on the surface they’re on and we’ll do our best. Both Signsations and Discontinued Decals in no ways guarantees a perfect recreation of your old decal however in many cases we were the original supplier for many Australian boat brands. If we don’t have all the necessary elements to recreate your old decal then we won’t do it. All recreations will incur a graphic design/setup fee and will be managed by Gold Coast Signsations staff.