Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your Phone Number?
    Being that our website is an online store we don’t have a dedicated phone number. So it is easiest to just use our contact form on the website, send us an email or message us on our Facebook. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.
  • My order was damaged during shipping. How do I get replacements?
    Unfortunately sometimes shipping services damage shipments during the delivery process. Do not apply any of the decals and simply send back the damaged order in its original package and send us an email and as soon as we receive them we will send replacements.
  • How do I install my new decals?
    We include an instruction sheet on how to remove and apply our decals with every order. If you misplace that sheet we are happy to email you through another copy just let us know first.
  • My order got folded or creased in the mail, is it still good?
    No need to stress, we try to package all our products so no damage will come to your order. Even if the product/s are creased it is simply the backing paper on the product. Once it is removed and applied to your boat, car etc. it will be fine.
  • Can my decals be clear coated?
    We recommend that you don't have your new decals clear coated. In many cases our products are made with the highest quality 3M automotive vinyl products. Our products are guaranteed to last years. However, our graphic prints will already come clear coated to ensure protection.
  • What if we have the right decal but it’s the wrong colour?
    This is an easy fix! Just send us a message either on Facebook, on our email or through our contact us section on the site and specify which decal you're after and what colours you'd like to change it to. If you order a decal and then realise you'd like it in another colour you can message us to change it still so long as it hasn't been sent. If you receive your decal and you want to change the colour, you will have to completely reorder again as we make all decals to order and we have no use for returned decals after they've been sent. Please be aware some graphic printed decals that require top cutting and laminating this can incur a separate artwork charge. We will make you fully aware of this beforehand and if you don't want to proceed you won't be charged in that case.
  • Can I buy Registration Numbers off you?
    Yes you can purchase them through the site now!
  • Can I get Chrome Stripes for my car/boat?
    Yes you can, please keep in mind we only have a finite amount of it in stock at our shop. Due to the fact sign suppliers we source our materials through no longer sell it, it is a premium product so it will cost more than the standard prices for stripes on our site.
  • What if the size isn’t listed on the product I want to buy?
    If this happens please send us an email and we will be happy to give you the correct size of the decal you're after. It is likely we missed filling in that particular listing.
  • What if I live close to your offices, do I still have to pay postage?
    If you would like to organise to pick up your item please email us and don't order the product through the site. We have credit card payment options at the store and we can accept a paypal payment when you come in. Please keep in mind there are a number of businesses that operate out of our factory, so we will email you when your order is ready to collect from our offices.
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    We do currently only ship to a number of different countries worldwide but that list is growing each day. If you are in a different country please and want to order something please email us and we will add your region to our site. Please be aware some countries mail services have slowed down due to the onset of COVID-19 and in some cases it is taking a little longer for our customers to receive their orders, please bare with us during this difficult time. Our rates for international shipping are slightly more expensive than normal please be aware due to the COVID-19 problems throughout the world.
  • What’s the difference between getting express shipping with or without cover?
    If you order a product with cover we will replace it if anything happens to it. If you don't and anything happens then it is Australia Post's problem. Some of our orders have been stolen from people's doorsteps when they are simply left by Australia Post, we don't like when that happens and we want to limit how much that happens. Ordering the covered option gives you the protection of knowing your order is secure and protected and we love knowing you'll receive your new decals without any of the stress. Per our Terms and Conditions on the site, if you decide to order your product without a signature and you somehow don't receive your package but our Australia Post updates say it has been delivered, then we are not liable or required to provide a replacement. Once our tracking information says your product has been delivered and you don't receive it for whatever reason it then becomes an Australia Post problem. By ordering through our site you are agreeing to our terms of service. If you order covered shipping that includes a signature on delivery and something happens and you don't receive it we will replace it free of charge.  
  • Do my decals come put together?
    In many cases our team will lay up your vinyl decals for you prior to being dispatched so once you receive it you only have to stick it on and forget about it. However with some of the larger decal kits they will come in pieces because it is impossible for us to put them together for you due to size and overall positioning on your boat. If you are unsure about this don't hesitate us to email us, we know it can be daunting which is why we would recommend getting a professional to install them for you.
  • Do you recreate Outboard Decals?
    Unfortunately we don't anymore. This is for a number of reasons.
    1. There are so many different makes and models depending on brand and year and colour, we can't possibly recreate them all.
    2. We can't accurately recreate the decals unless they are right here in front of us, sizing and colour matching is very hard to do through email and phone quality pictures.
    3. Our customers no longer want to pay for the artwork fee set up involved. Sometimes it can take a while and unfortunately that incurs a large artwork fee on top of the cost of the decals.
    Don't be hesitant to ask though, we are aware of a few solid websites that sell outboards both here in Australia and worldwide. We will always try to help you find what you're looking for even if we can't be the one to provide you the decals.
  • Why hasn’t my order arrived?
    Sometimes Australia Post drivers aren't able to find a suitable place to leave your items so they take them back to their depots or nearest post offices for your protection. All our products come with tracking numbers which are sent to your provided email and phone number. Always be sure to check these regularly because sometimes updated information about your order is on there.
  • I can’t find the decals I’m after, can you reproduce mine?
    At Discontinued Decals we pride ourselves on being able to reproduce old and faded stickers and decals. If you have all the necessary measurements and straight on photos of the faded decal we can reproduce it. Simply send us an email and we can help. Please keep in mind our website is still new and constantly growing, our team is adding more and more discontinued decals every day, so while it may not be on our site right now it will be in the future. For information on this please check out our about us page. Please Note: you will incur a small design fee for recreated decals unless otherwise stated by staff (sometimes we have parts of it on file and it takes us a matter of minutes to do).