What’s the difference between getting express shipping with or without cover?

If you order a product with cover we will replace it if anything happens to it. If you don’t and anything happens then it is Australia Post’s problem. Some of our orders have been stolen from people’s doorsteps when they are simply left by Australia Post, we don’t like when that happens and we want to limit how much that happens. Ordering the covered option gives you the protection of knowing your order is secure and protected and we love knowing you’ll receive your new decals without any of the stress.

Per our Terms and Conditions on the site, if you decide to order your product without a signature and you somehow don’t receive your package but our Australia Post updates say it has been delivered, then we are not liable or required to provide a replacement. Once our tracking information says your product has been delivered and you don’t receive it for whatever reason it then becomes an Australia Post problem. By ordering through our site you are agreeing to our terms of service.

If you order covered shipping that includes a signature on delivery and something happens and you don’t receive it we will replace it free of charge.